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Last Icon Maker Standing Community

City Lims
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Welcome to city_lims. This is the Last Icon Maker Standing community dedicated to many wonderful cities of the world.
This LIMS community is moderated by me, kisuncha.

o1. You have to join the community, or i won't accept your sing up. I also suggest you to add this community to your f-list to know for sure how are the things going.
o2. Sign up here. Comment with your username that you will be entering under.
o3. You will have 5 days or more (it depends on me, because i have my life too) to get your entries in. Each participant can skip 1 round, so if you know that you might miss one challenge, you have to use your skip in the skip list and tell me which round you can't participate in and you won't get eliminated/if you have a skip and you don't participate, I'll use your skip.
o4. You have to put "enjoy the sunset" in your sign up comment to let me know, that you have read the rules.
o4. You must use images provided. All effects are allowed.
o6. You may enter only ONE icon. 40kb or less, 100x100px or less.
o7. You will be voting for icons you like the LEAST and for one favorite icon.

Time Schedule.
Saturday-Thursday - New Round
Thursday-Saturday - Voting
Saturday - Results
This is the actual schedule for each round, but i can change it if i want. I'll tell you about it.

Wanna become an affiliate? Comment here.
I accept only challenge and LIMS communities.

Challenge #1:
1st place: purple_wings
2ns place: squishysquidgy
3rd place: dreamon_dreamer

Challenge #2:
1st place: mariarita
2ns place: cardcaptur
3rd place: eternalphoenix_

Challenge #3:
1st place: eternalphoenix_
2ns place: mariarita
3rd place: ipipiu

Challenge #4:
1st place: already_used
2ns place: eluminat
3rd place: nokitas

Challenge #5:
1st place: already_used
2ns place: hel_lansky
3rd place: nokitas

Challenge #6:
1st place: lihana
2ns place: xqueen_mab
3rd place: selenespain

Challenge #7:
1st place: mariarita
2ns place: ksi_liv
3rd place: selenespain

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